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Why True

After its inception in 2008, True Lacrosse quickly grew to become recognized as one of the top programs in the entire country. Our secret to success is actually no secret at all. We very simply train our players the right way, and we take what we do very seriously. To that end, we are committed to providing all players, regardless of their ability or their ambition, with:

  • Consistent training: We offer team practices, position-specific training, and a bounty of other training opportunities.
  • Professional coaching: True Lacrosse coaches must first go through a rigorous training process before they can lead a team in any capacity. We thoroughly vet all applicants to ensure they are not only qualified based on their knowledge of the game as players and coaches, but that they are also capable of building teams, establishing strong rapport with young people, and understand the great responsibility and privilege it is to coach, lead, and work with young people.
  • Top competition: through our longstanding place in the game and our reputation for hosting competitive teams, True Lacrosse has access to some of the best tournaments in the country. 
  • Exceptional recruiting: our staff has been immersed in recruiting for decades, and therefore has excellent relationships with nearly every college coach in the country today. We work tirelessly with our players who are interested in continuing their playing careers in college to find the best school to fit their needs as athletes, students, and members of a campus community. 

Additionally, when you join the True Family, you become part of a supportive network of coaches, parents, and young athletes who work together to create a positive, educational environment in which players can fulfill their potential and become their best selves. The lessons and skills they learn on the field will serve them throughout their daily lives, including teamwork, accountability, leadership, and hard work.

Tryout Details

September 26th

Ann Morrison Park
Ann Morrison Park Dr
Boise, ID 83706

Grad Years:



U10: 9:00-10:30

2028 & 2029: 10:30-12:00

2026 & 2027: 12:00-1:30

2025: 1:30-3:00

2024 & 2023: 3:00-4:30